Equipment for better productivity

Why Rent the Equipter?

Finish One-Off Jobs Faster check

Maintain a Safer Work Environment check

Reduce Property Damage check

Protect Well-Maintained Landscaping check

Minimize End-of-Day Cleanup check

The Right Tool For Any Job


Get your roofing job done quickly and mess free! Simply load up the Equipter with your tools (saving time & multiple trips to the work truck), drive the gas powered trailer to your work area and unload. Throw waste in the back and at day’s end close up the trailer, hook it to your hitch and drive off. No need for that extra time spent on clean up! 


Let Equipter do all the transporting on landscape projects! Toss all your tools and greenery in as you head to the worksite and all your debris for hauling away at end of day! Equipter gives you more energy to finish the job the quickly and with less manpower, to increase your profits! 


Working on a second story remodel project? Equipped with a hydrolic system the RB 4000 is able to raise up to 12 ft. to do the heavy lifting for you. 

Use it as a work table then throw trash or supplies back in the Equipter and use the hydolic system to dump your waste. No more climbing up ladders with heavy loads, or taking multiped wheelbarrow trips back and forth, all while keeping the yard in pristine condition.

Product Spects

Equipter RB 4000
  •  GVWR: 7,500 lbs
  •  Lift Capacity: 4,000 lbs
  •  Lift Height: 12 ft
  •  Roll Back Extension: 4 ft
  •  Catch Area: 10 ft 6 in


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